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The acute angle : Give Fabiola a break

The tabloids have been making a meal of Anita Kyarimpa aka Fabiola recently. When you read a few lines into these stories, you sense that these are a bunch of vultures who couldn’t wait to get their chance to rip the TV Host apart with telling stories, of which some look false to say the least.
It all seems like a well rehearsed scheme to defame and particularly crush the career of the Be My Date host. Sadly,the Fabiola Hate Campaign doesn’t seem like it’s about to stop. The way some of these gossip mercenaries have been camping under her bed or hiding behind her bathroom door to get and concoct a story simply shows no class.
I know that a story showing that this young lady isn’t perfect after all is bound to sell but sometimes these tabloids take things too far. As much as Fabiola has built quite a profile for herself as this young ambitious beautiful woman who has lit up television, the fact remains that she is every inch human and is bound to make mistakes. The recent stories about her supposed unhygienic lifestyle might have shocked her fans but let’s all face it, we all have a dark past, filthy closets that we would pray no one finds out about.
I don’t understand why someone would pay so heavily for something so petty. People might be quick to tell me to wake up and smell the coffee as ‘celebs’ and public figures are skinned alive in the real world for making mistakes but personally, I don’t think it’s even about criticism. It all seems like people have this hatred brewing and what for?? Nothing.
All the poor girl does is enchant our eyes with her beauty on our screens and has to pay so dearly for it. Maybe, it just might be the price of fame she has to pay but when cameras sneak through her bedroom to gauge just how clean her underwear could be, I simply don’t understand. I think this happens because people are quick to praise these celebs when they burst onto the scene that you think some of these people are small ‘gods’ of some sort. A musician releases one hit song and then his face graces all these adverts and he instantly becomes this superstar. When you hear that the guy is running away from his landlord, everything sounds so surprising that people will crucify the artiste for being like the ordinary lot.
So frankly, let’s stop over praising these so called ‘celebs’ of ours because sometimes this fame clouds their heads that they end up becoming a nuisance. In fact,who am I kidding? I don’t even like many of these ‘celebs’. Fabiola, clean up your house lest we call the KCCA garbage trucks on you.

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