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The acute angle :You never know when time is up

The sudden death of singer AK47 aka Emmanuel Mayanja (Chameleone’s younger brother) on Monday night hit me like a lightning bolt. It doesn’t matter if you were a fan or not, you can’t help but spare a thought for the bereaved family.

Any news about a person’s death will humble you no matter who you are.

The music industry has been robbed of a vibrant talented musician who fought so hard to come out of big brother Chameleone’s shadow and make a mark of his own.

He leaves behind three months old adorable twins. Yes two lovely girls who won’t see their daddy again. How cruel!

Life can be funny. It offers so much hope that could even be blinding. You find a guy with life starting to shape up for him. He has a career to die for, a beautiful and loving wife to make him a wonderful home and children whose smiles can light up the darkest room.

It’s all there for everyone to see but such is the uncertainty of life that everything you have worked for can just disappear in a flash. It’s like we are in transit at an airport waiting to board the next plane. A plane you didn’t ask for. It’s like you are here one moment and gone the next. You are not given a memo and the life you could have started to enjoy is taken away.

How valuable is life? We are taught to make the best of life but what value is in life if we can’t enjoy it fully to the last day. Everyone is eager to make promises and include ‘tomorrow’ but sadly for anyone, that ‘tomorrow’ might never come. Oh this life we live in! “God is the giver of life and will take it anyway,” people out there will say.

Sometimes all people pray for is to say goodbye. Can’t we dance with these people just one last time and tell them of how much they mean to us and eventually bid them farewell? Sadly, we aren’t sure who is next.

Prepared or not we shall be called upon and how do we get around this? Obviously there is no way but there is this tiny little thing called time. I think it’s what life is based on. The clock remains ticking for each and every individual and it’s how we use our time that can offset any eventualities of not being around in future.

If each moment is spent putting smiles on people’s faces and making them feel appreciated, then life is given meaning. Even if that life is taken away, your legacy remains alive.

Obviously all this can’t happen smoothly as many waves of setbacks will try to stop you, but we can try. So let’s tell people who mean so dear to us about how we love them and not wait for a vigil to speak so fondly of them. Rest In Peace Emmanuel Mayanja and to my condolences go out to anyone who has lost a person who meant the world to them. Nice weekend guys.


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