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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Isn’t it time we stopped abusing alcohol?

“Alcohol Is Strictly Not For Sale To Persons Under 18 years. Please Drink Responsibly,” goes one of the disclaimers on most alcoholic beverages.

So isn’t it surprising that even with such advice, people can choose to take alcohol like they do water only for them to suffer?
I mean, just the other day, I came across a group of youth fighting in the middle of the road in Bugolobi after a night out at one of the popular hangouts situated within the new Village Mall in Bugolobi.
These dudes and chicks argued, slapped and beat up each other, caring less about the speeding cars that drove by ( some of which belonged to other obviously careless drivers who were also under the influence of alcohol).
The group went on and on and it was not until one of them got hit by a boda boda that sanity ensued.
As I drove by this incident, I could not help but wonder to what extent some people will stretch in the name of having fun.
What happened to putting some measures into actions like having a sober one drive the rest home after the party? What happened to drinking responsibly? What happened to knowing one’s body capacity and sticking to drinks that are friendly to the system? Finally, what happened to keeping away from alcohol until that age/point when one can handle it?
Many times we step out to have a good time, but if it ends up in losing one’s senses, risking their lives unnecessarily, then it ceases to have meaning. So what if the causality after the boda boda accident passed on? What reason would they give? Would such people ever forgive themselves?
It is about time we stopped abusing alcohol. There is a reason why the manufacturers include such disclaimers such as “drink responsibly”, and it has nothing to do with the fun had while the alcohol is being bought. It is a serious warning with serious consequences if ignored. So how about we got practical about it not only for our own sake but even for those that we care about or hang around?

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