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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Kenzo should have owned up Rema’s pregnancy much earlier

So local artiste Rema Namakula gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on December 26, which I believe is not news now and presumably all you good mannered fans took time to congratulate her.
The rest of us thought the “congratulations session” had marked the end of this subject until fellow artiste Eddy Kenzo, who is also the confirmed father to this cute bundle, added another twist.
I mean at first it was the evidently “heartfelt script” from baby daddy upon the baby’s delivery to his recent visit to her parents and the updates keep coming in from the different tools of communication. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is why did the dude suddenly get on fire after the seemingly long moments of silence and withdrawal from this subject?
Where was he for all those nine months as the world crucified Rema and speculated over the child’s paternity?
At one point peeps wondered why she remained tight lipped about the child’s father even at her publicised baby shower!
I understand that in some situations it is better for one to keep quiet, and let time tell all the tales but then again when two people are involved in a situation, either party must play their part.  Especially at such moments when the women want to feel pampered and loved as they watch their men take pride in being responsible for their condition.
But this whole act of Kenzo waking up at the last minute, writing a script, thanking her for the silence (while he also kept quiet),   act of maturity coupled by the follow up acts of visiting the family has many wondering, if he was waiting for the child to be born for him to prove that it was indeed his before owning up and singing the praises.
Or should we simply assume that the couple had initially decided to keep quiet, let everyone talk nasty, while they went on and on about their business until the exciting news about the baby’s birth took Kenzo by storm that he broke the initial decision (to remain quiet about clearing the looming rumours) so he ended up going public about everything?
This business of people waking up after the fruits have been harvested is pretty weird, wouldn’t you think so?
Anyways at the end of the day, like they say, we let couples’ business be couples’ business; maybe this is how these two deal with situations.
I guess all we can do for now is to congratulate them on the first milestone as the updates (both necessary and unnecessary) keep coming through.

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