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The acute angle : Are some born- agains fooling us?

We see them doing all these little Hosanna chants in church while getting all teary as they make us believe that they have this undying deep connection with God. We see those cute Bible quotes that they take time to write and broadcast to the whole world on Facebook every Sunday. The cell meetings at their homes as they recite Bible hymns and jump in praise and worship will give us the feeling that they have already secured themselves a visa to heaven. Many of them get to be called disciples, ministers but ‘born again’ is the word they like to refer to themselves. A fancy word to mean reborn, saved and redeemed by Jesus.

So tell me how you come from bending over to Sheebah’s Twesana at a nightclub to singing Hosanna and have the audacity of telling me you are reborn. How do you stagger your way out of a nightclub and lead the queue for Holy Communion without a single wink of shame. It’s that double life that I find very deceiving.

Born agains like to say theirs is a personal relationship with God and no one has the right to wield judgment, but of course that is plain silly. How do you expect me to look at an unmarried woman carrying her third pregnancy filling up the pews at church and not expect me to judge? Is it okay to get pregnant before you are married? Absolutely not. That is the number one cardinal sin in the Bible, but we still get to see many ladies running faster to the antenatal clinic than to the altar.

Many people will argue that no one is perfect, which is definitely right but unfortunately people use this to mask their little dirt. I make mistakes quite often and everyone does, but when someone under the pretext of being born again makes mistakes repeatedly and they become his lifestyle, it all boils down to preference. Some people know that God is ever forgiving so one could conveniently go mess up a little then come back to God and repent.

How convenient! And what about that pastor who preaches righteousness but goes on to molest an innocent girl? What does he say after that? “I don’t know what I was thinking. The devil tempted me.” Really? It’s sickening when you find out what goes on behind the scenes in the born again churches. The treachery, the filth and the lies, but we still humbly go to church every Sunday and play dumb to all of that. If we choose the righteous path, let’s try to do righteous well knowing the hiccups of such decisions and when we choose to stay in the world, let’s stay there.

It’s pitiful that people play with God like dice being indecisive and all. Decide already. And to those asking who I am to judge? I will humbly reply and say that you will be fine.


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