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This katala on the plane

Have you ever thought about that first time experience at anything? I mean, the anxiety that filled the air, curiosity, confusion (to some), and to others the embarassment that tagged along with the whole situation?

Well, I have thought about it. Only that this time round, my mind is still fresh with all the memories of a certain passenger, whom I presume could forever narrate their first time experience in the air without any punctuation.

I swear, sometimes things can happen in my presecnce and I go like, “why me lord?”  Anyways, just know that the moment I saw this dude, I knew something was wrong somewhere. His sharp, pointed shoes, fake brown leather jacket, hat coupled by a trail of family members scattering to the entrance, was evidence that this excitement had a reason behind it all —he was going to fly for the first time.

As he went through the first check point, he asked the security person to make sure that his family walks through so that they can bid him farewell at the real aeroplane, like they usually do while at the bus station. Ahem!

Now, you know how some security peeps can be so impatient and rude, right? Imagine the slight embarassment that they gave him as they ordered the huge family to excuse the rest of us and stop wasting everyone’s time, poor guys bambi!
And without hesitation, they all stood arms akimbo, at a distance and kept waving excitedly to their “hero” as he pondered his next step, asking all sorts of questions like; when he would get to the plane? Has the plane left already? If he was late would it wait for him? Why did he have to remove his shoes and belt at every security check point (of course with him doing every thing at least three times just because he had forgotten it all.)

Banaye the patience that came with tolerating his excitoz and ka look is just inexplainable! With me, as if watching a ka mini skit, I swore to stick behind him and tap on this free entertainment, for sure.

Fast forward, we board and he just would not stop yapping. For starters, he paid attention to every detail while utilising the hostess fully, as if to emphasise that she must do what she is paid for. Eish! From asking for his own demonstration of the dos and don’ts because he had to ensure everything did not go unattended to since he did not want to die in a plane crash. And you wonder why he had to fly anyways, huh?

The killer was when he was asked for what to take and he went like, “Can I have our very own Uganda Waragi?” Okay, you are on a 45-minute flight and “Ug” is the first thing on your mind, in the name of patriotism? Of course, the experience was topped up by loud gasps for air each time the plane went on and off the ground during landing plus those signature fresh, “so this is how people who travel by air look like everyday” stares at everyone on the plane with eyes popped out!

I must say, this was quite something. I just wish such people would first get notes from those who have been there just to avoid all the embarassment that comes with a first time experience sometimes? I doubt I can ever forget his face even if I met him a thousand years later… Dude made my evening… lol!

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