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Just mind only your business

business     At this rate, some of these bad habits might get us into trouble I think, we need to practice some etiquette. Unless someone seriously calls for the other’s attention, please let them be!

To some people, staring at another is a rude act while to the others; it passes as an everyday thing. However, if you asked me, I would go with the first thought.
If you imagine the after effects of “staring at another”, and picture all the good and ugly comments it evokes in one’s head, then you will surely concur with me that it is a mean tendency.

I believe it is the same source of that sick vice that has eaten up many Ugandans- minding other people’s business. The other day, I was astonished to see how two ladies made another a topic because she was not wearing her wedding ring.

They insinuated all sorts of things before taking it down to the conclusion that, “she is having marital problems.” Another common avenue that every school going child has at least experienced is when the final exams have been released, the curious whispers from everybody that has made it their business to find out one’s performance can be quite irritating. After which the analytical angles are expressed openly.

Now the cycle can go on to one’s salary, why one is still single, their dress code, weight loss or gain and the possible implications, blah blah blah. And one wonders, since when did not wearing your ring imply you are having issues in your marriage? What if she just forgot to wear it, or it does fit anymore? So how does that make it another person’s business? Do you see how over staring at another can put them to the unnecessary line of judgment?

Then for those others that make it a point to ensure that one’s life is full of discomfort, what do you gain? They make it all their business from judging the families they come from, their kids’ perform to weight gain or loss as if it matters, gosh!

It is about time that we realised that there are so many issues to talk about and create change as opposed to making a big deal out of your neighbour’s business simply because those with analytical eyes were idle… Ugandans!

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