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The goats are back on the race track

It is one of the biggest events on the annual social calendar. In fact the goat races do not need much advertising any more. Many of you are learning about this for the first time but this year’s Royal Ascot Goat races event is taking place next Saturday September 1 at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Run to pick your hats because the event is a wonderful opportunity to show off your dress sense. Spectacular hats are the order of the day. To encourage you to dress up, sponsors have lined up prizes for the best dressed people.

There is lots of entertainment and as usual most people will not care about the goats running, but indulge in lots of drinks that will be available and also hook up with friends.

For the high fliers,we hear Speke Resort Munyonyo has put up special rates for the goat’s race weekend for people who would prefer booking into the hotel than brave the traffic jam that is synonymous with the event.

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