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Who is who: Sheebah dares Chameleone

Chameleone Sheebah

For a long time we have known Sheebah to be a go-getter that is determined to cement her stay on Ugandan music charts. The singer has hustled her from being a backup dancer to being one of the most sought after female musicians in the country. Her latest move, however, is one that will determine if she has achieved that legend status or if she needs to work hard.

The Ice Cream hit maker has dared Jose Chameleone by setting up her concert on the same date with his. Both artistes will be competing for numbers on November 30.

Chameleon is slated to have his at Lugogo Cricket Oval while Sheebah will hold hers at Kyadondo Rugby Club.

This is not the first time Chameleone will be having a concert at Cricket Oval as he successfully held one a few years back. Although he is considered a Ugandan music legend, the past two years have not been good on his side when it comes to his music as many say he’s deteriorating. His new songs like Champion have not received the usual airplay they receive.

Yet on the other side, Sheebah has been dominating music billboards industry for the past four years in which she even recorded the most number of people at Africana. Perhaps this is the reason why she has shifted to a bigger Kyadondo rugby club.

For now, November 30 is the day we get to decide if Sheebah can be accepted to the table of Ugandan Music legends.

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