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Fashion Tip: we are ready for these jellies

These plastic shoes come in all forms of colours and designs. Here is how and when to wear them.

They are sold down town at the same price as a plate of plain chips but wait, before you turn up your nose. Big time designers Luis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs in the lead are not only carrying them, they are retailing at between $50 to $300 dollars. Of course we won’t bother to convert to Uganda shillings because we are never going to buy them at that price. But at least now we know they are a hot fashion item.

Still don’t know what we are talking about? Then let’s bring you up to speed. They are plastic shoes, sandals whatever you call them. On fashion catwalks they are simply jellies. Cute, colourful and imitating almost every shoe style you can imagine except stilettos and boots. There are gladiator jellies, to sandals and wedges.

Like a certain marathon’s tagline, you have to ask yourself what’s your reason to buy jellies. Most fashion houses are touting them as a part of the environmentally conscious fashion since they are made from…wait for it recycled plastic! I would wear them because they look colourful and dainty. And also that the wide variety and price allows me to own one for each outfit. Plus sparkly prettiness is just a wipe down away, no slaving with a brush trying to keep them clean.

However not to be carried away with the wide range, and the colour, jellies have the potential to come off as tacky, to even make your whole outfit tacky. You don’t want someone to tell you that are wearing a recycled petroleum product from a mile away so pick Jellies that go easy on the plastic and more on the pretty. Pick those with more normal shoe features like bows and flowers, the less solid the better.

I do not see certain boss lady or her ilk donning these shoes even for a day shopping with the girls (which by the way they are perfect for).But you can still enjoy them. Wear them to complete a laid back casual look before they become fashion faux pas. Going by how fast gladiators became old hat, that might not take long.

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