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The buses are here to help the common man



So Ugandan MPS get Shs103m to purchase cars and it seems like a relevant cause. However, the public gets a chance to acquire a new, convenient public transport system and suddenly all hell breaks loose?

Ahem! Let me first catch my breath, KTM as in kyaba too much, riyale!
With all due respect, I am forced to question whether, those in authority have in-depth understanding of the responsibilities that they hold and are supposed to avail to the people who brave the scorching sun, heavy rains all in the name of casting their vote to the most ideal and trustworthy personality, that will make decisions and address their needs in the most appropriate way?

And if they understand, do they realise the level to which they have to handle this authority from the people, in a free and transparent way?

Okay, pardon my manners, I think I got too carried away that I forgot to direct my point of rage. Point is, I do not understand how, a certain bus company X, goes against all odds to bring affordability, convenience, order to public transport and a cocoon of  political leaders (read, elected representatives of the people) comes up to oppose this while receiving envelopes of Shs103m to purchase cars?

I just do not get this! For starters, why does it always have to take the longest route to embrace reality in this country? Then, what is it with the wrong timing? I mean, these people had like the longest time to address all these issues but why wait until now when everything has been put in place?  Should we assume that the coming of the buses provided a need/platform for whoever wished to attach some relevance hence the verbal artillery?

And who is at stake here, if I may ask?
Like they say, when two elephants fight, the grass always suffers (read, the layman). But why does it have to be this way? Why should this layman suffer each time decisions have to be arrived at? And is this fair really?

Truth be told to the fighting elephants, the grass has had enough of the stampeding sessions. And how I wish such effort was directed to more pressing issues in this country.
For example, when the MPs were availed with the Shs103m dimes to buy cars, it should have been suggested by the so called concerned parties that, such amounts would benefit this country most if they were invested in yielding public projects. Secondly, these self-acclaimed good mobilisers should have racked their brains harder and mobilised the existent transport shareholders into owning up and improving the transport system like ages ago! After all they are so informed about all that entails every operation in this city, right?

However, since all the above was not put into consideration by the so called “interest for the people oriented lads” what is a human being supposed to do? To be honest, the way we chose to concentrate and direct our energy to the wrong arenas which bring development in most cases, and leave out the core areas of need is sickening!

For crying out loud, we have increasing numbers of child trafficking, evident street kids, unemployed citizens and FYI people who walk long distances because they cannot afford the inconsistent prices on a daily basis.

Evidently if one owned a car or had Shs103m at their disposal to decide on which ride had to be purchased, they would not know what I could be referring to.
So the million dollar question stands, “Can someone explain to me the zib behind improving some of the conditions above especially the latter in every possible way?”
I do not understand why suddenly various angles, tactics are being employed on selfish grounds to the disadvantage of the layman!

I think we have had enough of this ruckus. FYI the generation today is not the sort that takes forever to arrive to a conclusion so save us the sluggish moves.
We believe that those involved in this “operate, do not operate” mumble jumble is in perfect condition to understand that it does not take a rocket scientist to arrive to a viable conclusion. It is as simple as getting down to the semantics, establishing what has to be done, then how to do it and finally letting the people wear smiles, grins in the name of a chance to choice.

Nobody said that we shall die if we embrace change. And nobody said that we are not anxious to taste it. So frankly, if you asked me, this noise is so uncalled for. The energy used to drag the media to and from an issue that is either not relevant or can be solved in the shortest time possible, can be directed to other areas of serious need, such as, finding accommodation for those street kids on the road, enacting practical laws that will stop, control child trafficking, concluding on the fate of this homosexuality disturbia among others.  I Hope you catch my drift.
Bottom line, twakowest!

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