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But Uganda… who bewitched us banange?

See how these MPs are coming for your ka money.

I woke up to the news that each of the at least 520 members of the next Parliament will receive about Shs300 million to buy a brand new car supposedly to help, especially the new legislators, move from their bedrooms to the bathroom and back.

These chaps of the 11th Parliament will also pocket about Shs50 million to buy new clothes, boxers and whatnot.

As you do the maths, please remember that each will earn a monthly pay in the region of about Shs25m.

This without allowances.

In the last Parliament, government spent nearly Shs110 billion in car funds.  This time, the ka money will jump to Shs165 billion and according to Matia Kasaija, he of ‘every Ugandans will earn Shs3.5 million by 2020 fame’, it has to be picked from somewhere. Anywhere including your pockets, purses and your children’s piggy banks.

The money will then be wired to their accounts so they can spend as they wish. Yes, as they wish. They can choose not to buy the said car. They can buy a Raum or bicycle.

What a time to be Ugandan!

Kale we are just returning from the bush and then these modern-day Oliver Twists just decide that it should be burnt down with this kind of news.

If you are not yet angry, please remember there are teachers who have gone months without pay. There are patients dying in hospitals due to lack of medicine and mothers who do not have what to feed their children.

Who did bewitch us really?

There are too many wrongs going on in the country and these chaps are busy allocating themselves obscene monies.

Just the other day, I had a chat with a loser from the eastern part of the country. He was bitter. So bitter that he stammered throughout our talk, talking about how this was his opportunity to make money.

No. He was not thinking about serving the electorate but how to milk the taxpayer even more. His misery was compounded by a call from the victor saying he will share the loot with him, but in the last year.

These guys are coming for your money.

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