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Promoter Musa Makanga revolutionising the Ugandan music industry

Promoter Musa Makanga with singer A Pass

Several musicians have reached new levels of success because of promoter Musa Makanga’s initiative. This is through his thorough awareness of the digital scene and ability to identify up-and-coming talent.

Makanga has revolutionized the way music is promoted, shared, and consumed by utilising the power of the internet, ultimately bringing previously unnoticed musicians to a global audience.

He realised the enormous potential for artistes to reach a wider audience outside of the conventional limits of radio and physical distribution at a moment when the music industry is increasingly embracing digital channels.

With his extensive knowledge of social media, streaming services, and digital marketing strategies, he has successfully elevated Ugandan musicians to a global audience. He has identified hidden treasures that might not have been found without the help of his broad network and involvement in regional music scenes by giving them a forum on which to display their work through a customized strategy for each artist, taking into account their individual skills and utilizing online platforms to increase their exposure.

Asked why he decided to venture into online promotion, he said he just wanted to use the devices he had at hand, and besides that, he couldn’t afford to foot the bills associated with promoting music in the mainstream media.

He collaborates directly with artists to develop their visual identities, produce interesting online material, and interact with their followers because he understands the importance of having a great brand image, creating innovative marketing campaigns, and the use of social media platforms to drive artists’ songs to the top of streaming charts and earn millions of views and streams on websites like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay and others.

“The benefit of using streaming apps is that they help in the easy distribution of music, offer a solution to music piracy, encourage people to pay for music, and give exposure, especially to new talents in the music industry. With time they can earn money from their artistic works. Uploading music to streaming apps has enabled artists to analyze how people interact with their music. They also provide platforms for people in overseas nations to listen to music easily,” he says.

Through his broad network, he has arranged collaborations between regional musicians and international superstars, giving Ugandan artists recognition globally. Uganda’s rich musical history has gained international recognition thanks to these partnerships, which have also helped Ugandan musicians expand their horizons.

He has planned workshops and business gatherings that provide artistes with the information and know-how they need to succeed in the digital world.

Promoter Makanga has worked with a variety of top Ugandan musicians and producers such as A Pass, Grace Nakimera, Herbert Skillz, and international rapper 6ix9ine among others.

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