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Opera gloves are haute now

ON THE RED CARPET: You have probably seen them on various red carpets for years. As it is now, opera gloves have taken over vogue and we are here for it.

We love it when a fashion trend moves from being reserved for only a certain setting or class of people, to be an option for even the most unnoteworthy fashion moments such as street style. Opera gloves have quickly become a must-have accessory, not only for high red carpet fashion moments but also for your everyday wear, especially if you are the kind that loves to turn heads and doesn’t do basic! The evolution in this trend means you can pull off anything; including pieces of denim, leather and many others, and still manage to pull off a fashionista-approved ensemble.

Here is how you can slowly, but surely introduce this into your style.

Dress them up

Your initiation into this fashion trend is surely going to be something dressy and high fashion. Doing this will not only help you work your way around this vintage accessory but also avoid any fashion blunders you could have suffered if these are worn wrongly. You could experiment with these for a red-carpet appearance or maybe add them, in a monotone version for your next wedding guest look.

Remember, that while keeping the gloves in the same tone as your dress or top might be safe, colour contrasting them on the other hand, will win you major points in the style department.

Relaxed styling

If you are the kind that loves taking risks, then the opera gloves could well be your accessory of choice for your next street style-approved look. You could wear your faux leather pants, in a coloured version, add a statement top, and then add your gloves, preferably brightly and elaborately, so that they are stealing all the attention with your look.

You also have the option of wearing these with your clean denim outfits, with opera gloves being the base of the entire outfit. And when you do choose this look, remember to keep the fun going, but add jewellery, statement heels and your makeup on point.

Feel free to try these on with different looks, until you find something that works for your style, and also will get you all the stares; for the right reasons.

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