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I used to be a cleaner – KFM’s Becky

Becky Katagaya Nantale, commonly known as Becky

Upclose. Becky Katagaya Nantale, formerly at Power FM  is a 34-year-old presenter of KFM ‘s K-Drive, alongside James Peterson. She refers to herself as a broadcaster with 13-years of experience and an aspiring writer and actor. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with her.

How is your time at KFM?
It’s interesting so far because I have the most interesting workmates. KFM being next to Dembe Fm, the mixture of personalities is interesting. Everybody is fun in their own kind of way.

Three months already. Have you settled in yet?
Pretty much. I don’t feel out of place. I feel I’m at work where I’m comfortable .

How is the transition from a Christian radio  to a secular station?
The transition is easy because I’m a trained radio professional. The radio rules across the board are the same, whether gospel or secular. All you have to do is be professional, be fluent, keep time etc. It’s basically business as usual for me.

Haven’t you slipped up with the name of the station or frequency?
No, I haven’t, maybe because I had closure at Power FM where I used to work. They knew I was leaving and before I started working at KFM, I had a couple of months in between. I left in November 2020 and started working at KFM in June 2021,  so I had enough time to let go of my former work place which has been helpful.

What is your story of you joining KFM?
My KFM journey is an interesting one. It has been nine years of scouting. They had approached me when I had just started working at my former work place but circumstances were not favourable for my movement. I was new at that work place, so I requested to be given a few more years and we see how it goes. The first time they approached me they wanted me to do the morning show, but I’m not a morning person who prefers to ease into my day. They then approached me two years after but it was still for the morning show and I still wasn’t ready to move. The third time we negotiated and almost at contract signing level something else came up still. But the fourth time the opportunity presented itself I was not working, I decided to join.

Do you regret not having taken the opportunity back then?
No I don’t. I think now was the right time. I have a feeling if I had come back then, I wouldn’t have fully concentrated because of how busy I was. It’s KFM and family time now. It wouldn’t have worked.

What are you bringing on the table for the listeners and Nation media?
I’m bringing a well-balanced thought-out personality on air but also no filter. It is what it is. I tell the truth and I stand behind by opinion wholeheartedly. When I air it, I do not buckle under pressure for nothing. I fear no man apart from God and I think that shines through so regardless of the fact that I’m opinionated, I am also professional enough to know that my opinion here is not necessary. All in all I’m bringing professionalism.

You say you are a born-again Christian. How often do you read the bible?
Everyday. I read it when I wake up. I read it in-bits of the day and read it before going to bed with my kids.

What’s the first thing you do when you reach the office?
Being a Muganda, we were raised believing that greeting other people is a good thing so I greet my workmates, then start prepping for the show.

Earliest childhood memory?
My father let us do the shopping. He would give us the money and tell us to pick stuff and kids being kids, we would always go for things we were interested in. He paid and we went home very happy but the worst was to come. Whenever something got done during the course of the week, he would ask who did the shopping. We would go without sugar, bread, TP, toothpaste and soap, among others for days. Trust me the following week no one shopped for sweets. We picked the essentials. It was a big lesson to learn. And I have to do it for my children as well.

First best friend?
Maliko. He was my best friend in Old Kampala. I think we were like four years old. We used to move everywhere together.

First kiss?
I had it in 2013. I had it with someone I can’t mention but it was a date. He’s quite a popular businessman. It was an interesting kiss because naturally I was groomed to believe in chastity and purity so that first kiss was the first of many but I didn’t think much of it. We had been dating for a while but broke up after a year.

First book you read?
It was 99 pages. ‘Seaward’ by a lady called Susan Ward. It was a fantasy book for children. Most wonderful thing I’ve read.

First Job?
I was a cleaner in my dad’s company. He does cleaning services, fumigation. He’s a general contractor. I was there during my senior four and six vacations.

First salary?
I was working for my father and you know parents. He would give me like a ka-60k once in a while.

Did you learn anything working there?
Yes it taught me how to answer to authority and how to be obedient.

What do you love about your job?
I love to talk and I love people. It’s a job that offers me the opportunity to do both. Interact and talk.

Most memorable experience?
Family. It’s very bonded. We do everything together. We are involved in everything together. We had ownership of the family.

Best advice?
From my dad. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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