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The power in silent power…


I fear silent power. I fear those men who have a lot of power yet act like they don’t. I fear a Saleh. I fear a Balaam. Those are the kind of people whose paths you shouldn’t cross. They will punish you when you least expect it. They will play fools for the gallery while doing a lot of underground work.
Do not fear power that shouts! Fear that power that is silent. It is the most lethal of powers.
That’s why I respect feminine power. In the Bible, Samson had conquered the world yet the silent power of Delilah conquered him in seconds.

I respect women for this rare ability. They will read a man in seconds, know him in and out, yet still act clueless. If you are broke and you act rich, a woman will pretend to have fallen for your lies. Then she will use it to her advantage. She will make the kind of demands that force you to defend your lies. She will ask for a ka small 200K, and now the man who claims to be loaded will sweat plasma to find it. She knows you are not rich, but she is willing to play along.

With two seconds of meeting up, a woman knows everything you want from her. You can claim you want friendship, but she knows your objective. That’s silent power at work.
I have learned that you don’t have to use visible force to achieve results. You can always achieve more by feigning weakness. If I want you to do for me some work for free, all I have to do is praise you, and claim you are the best in the world at it. If you are hungry for my compliments, you become my slave unknowingly. That’s manipulation 101.

I can kill you with my smile. I can cheer you while you destroy yourself. I can encourage you to participate in a battle, bearing in mind that the battle will lead to your destruction. Silent power is never in a rush. If someone annoys you in 2021, you can make punish them in 2025. That way no one even suspects you!
Sometimes the easiest way to get something is to act like you don’t want it. Sometimes government will intentionally leak its own documents just to test the waters.
Invisible power is the real power. If you see it, learn to respect it.

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