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Enough is enough, Lucky Mbabazi barks

Lucky Mbabazi Kanyomozi, wife to USPA president and KFM sports presenter Patrick Kanyomozi is not a happy lady after going through the worst experience in her marriage.

The former KFM presenter showed her anger after some people called her husband early in the morning. Calling would not have been the problem but the callers discussing previous games is. This to Lucky is intolerable especially on Sunday morning, a day supposed to be dedicated to family.

“Please stop calling my husband very early in the morning, especially on a Sunday, asking him about the previous games. Wait for his updates on air.” She said.

So for anyone out there who wants to call Kanyomozi, do it on other days besides Sunday and not during the morning hours. The warning came off social media but next time it might be face to face.

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