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Kenzo deal was not to leak – Big Talent

Eddy Kenzo

Last week ended with rumour that Eddy Kenzo had turned down a lucrative deal because of his religious affiliation. It was said he turned down over a billion shillings from a beverage company in Europe because he is Moslem.

Well, that is some money to turn down, especially during this lockdown, so we tried asking the artiste to give us more details but we couldn’t get him. We, however, got in contact with someone from the Big Talent management who told us that the information was not supposed to have come out.

“It is true Eddy turned down that deal but that happened a long time ago. It was not meant to come out at all, but thanks to the carelessness of some people,” they told us.

The source, sadly remained tight-lipped on details of the beverage company, country and more.

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