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Etania throws her savings into liquor store

Forget the 50k jibes Sheila Gashumba was throwing at NTV. Looks like TV does really pay – look at Etania. Yes, the NTV Mix show co-presenter. Girl will be smiling to the bank going forward, as she goes to bank returns from her recently-opened liquor store.

“Do I qualify to be called CEO? … Honestly haven’t taken this in can’t believe I did this, grateful for my supportive friends and everyone who helped put this together…Dear young girl your dreams are valid keep dreaming,” read part of the post Etania posted on her Instagram page.

When we called the self-proclaimed Life of the Party to congratulate her, she was happy to inform us that she invested Shs4m in this business but before setting up the store, she had been doing deliveries to people and small parties.

“I was inspired by the love of seeing people having a good time and we all know alcohol brings people together,” Etania, who has been working with Muchachos, a company responsible for creating theme nights in different bars around town, said.

So this affiliation to liquor might have triggered her love for this kind of business. So the next time you are in Kisaasi, Bahai Rd, look out for The Liquor Mart and go give that girl your money…. Pay for those Friday nights yo!

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