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Bars to remain closed till Covid-19 vaccine is attained

President Museveni

Over the months since the country was locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the president has been opening different sectors as we await the vaccine.

In May 2020, Uganda began to loosen one of Africa’s strictest anti-coronavirus lockdowns after President Yoweri Museveni declared the infection “tamed.”

He began by opening businesses including hardware shops, restaurants, and wholesale stores. He went on to open private and later public transport. As of today, even if the curfew is still enforced, the biggest percentage of the businesses are up and running.

However, the bar business has been crippled since the lockdown as it is still locked. Pleas by those operating in the bar business for the Head of State to permit them to resume business seems to be futile each day that passes by.

During his address about the infectious disease and re-opening of schools last evening, the president said that they haven’t forgotten about other sectors that are still closed for instance bars, adding that these will be considered for opening when the country gets the vaccines.

“If we say ‘bars open but serve from outside’ this could be valid but these are drunkards, people who are not sober, will they follow that? I will feel much happier if we get a vaccine then things will be easy,” Mr. Museveni said.

President Museveni maintained that their sector shall remain closed until the Covid-19 vaccine is secured.

He went on to state that Uganda will get 3.5 million dozes from the Covax facility and about 18 million dozes from India as vaccinations are believed to be issued out at the end of February or early March.

The vaccination process is intended to start with the health workers, security personnel, teachers, and the elders.

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