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Fashion review: The Christmas collection by Joe Malaika

TALKING FASHION. New York based Ugandan Fashion Designer, Joe Malaika recently unveiled his holiday collection.

Welcome to 2021 people! To be honest, making it to this year alive is a miracle in itself, and something I am totally grateful for. The past year had its challenges so a new year is definitely a breath of fresh air.

And what better way to kick off the Ugandan fashion climate than with a holiday inspired collection? New York based Ugandan Fashion Designer, Joe Malaika recently unveiled his holiday collection and there were definitely some pieces in there I could already envision hanging in my wardrobe, waiting for the perfect moment to slay them. Here is a review of the collection, and we believe it should be on your 2021 must haves.

Gold and black set for the win

My favorite from the entire collection was the three-piece gold themed set that featured a pair of knee length shorts a vest and robe style jacket.  My reservations on this ensemble are with the inner vest that I believe could have been made in a single tone, to avoid the overkill with the print. When styling this look, you could switch out the shorts and replace them with a pair of black slacks or tuxedo pants. You could also leave the inner vest out and simply throw on your favourite black turtle neck top or a lacy body suit for something sexier.

We are here for dramatic sleeves

The matching green and maroon themed pieces that featured both and shorts and full leg pants options were definitely giving us all the holiday feel. However, it’s the multilayered flares for the sleeves that win it. Dramatic sleeves are always going to make a statement and these particular sets are definitely style approved.

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