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A fun graveyard on the rooftop 

Last weekend was that time of the year when many countries around the world get to celebrate Halloween and as usual, Uganda did not miss out on the celebrations.

The Halloween Spook Fest Experience, which was organised by Aly Alibhai alongside Castle Lite, happened at Kingdom Kampala rooftop. Hundreds  turned  up in quite interesting scary outfits and masks. Some came dressed as corpses, mermaids, nuns, nurses and cowboys. But as we all know, there were some people who did not bother about the theme.

Talent Africa did their best setting the mood, decorating the venue like a graveyard with ghost-like outfits hanging in different parts of the hall, scary portraits of unidentified people hanging on walls and mist filling the room. In different corners were statues of different animals while fake caskets lay creepily in different corners of the room. Face painting was free for whoever wanted while waitresses paced up and down serving people with different cocktails.

The evening was free of performances but DJ Chapati and the duo RPM kept the party going with House, Tecno, Hip Hop and a bit of Ugandan music.

However, activities that make up a typical Halloween party such as divination games and pranks missed out but nonetheless, the party went on until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

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