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Four One One

My son raised me-Bryan Mckenzie

You have probably seen pictures of Bryan Mckenzie’s son allover social media but we have all not been able to know what the two have shared for the past ten years. The former Jam Agenda presenter today posted about this heartwarming story he has with his only son on social media.

Mckenzie says his son came when he was 22 years old with no idea of what being a father meant as his own dad passed on when he was just three months.

He says that ever since the day when he became a father, he understood the values of life much more. “Nate has been a blessing to me, I took him in my arms thinking I was going to raise him, but he has raised me, I understand the values of life much more and I have assurance of life beyond my physical state. He came to me when he was a 1yr old, it was shock, surprise, challenge and blessing all in one and I changed my whole life for him,” he says.

However, the darkest moment in his life was when his son Nate was away from him for two years. “I expressed all my rage and sadness in events nonstop. I had lost focus and purpose knowing that he may never be in my life again and so I sedated myself with events, I had an event every weekend for 2yrs. Because I couldn’t talk to him, I got messed up, I reached a point of getting Alopecia, my skin was drying up, I was sedating on a daily. So much focus had been lost, my testosterone levels were down. Many asked why I couldn’t just go and pick him, but yeah… it seems easy to the ears when you are not in the situation.”

But in 2017 December and after all the flights, he couldn’t bare it anymore and somehow they got back together.

He then noticed that Nate had also been traumatized in the process too because he didn’t want his father to leave him even for an hour, he was emotionally imbalanced and couldn’t coherently explain his pain.

“Fast forward to today, he has gained his focus, got his friends in check, he has his own dreams, he has his vision board, he doesn’t just believe, he knows God and can explain how he got here and why!!! He is a 10yr old boy with a mind of a 13yr old.”

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