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My Seguku house had become Rema and Hamza’s- Eddy Kenzo

While appearing on NTV Mwasuze Mutya show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe. Eddy Kenzo answered all questions surrounding his achievements, disappointments, Rema, Hamza and meeting the President. He got emotional at some point and bragant at some point and also playful while on the show.

While on set, he was asked about Rema and Hamza and he was okay that he answered the questions without being furious but rather emotional. When Nakazibwe asked him if Rema and Hamza have been dating for long, Kenzo asked Nakazibwe to act Professional and also see things professionally. “These two didn’t wake up one day after dating for hours and decided to do a visiting ceremony” Kenzo said.

He went on and said that the two had been dating for long and the Seguku house that he had left for Rema and the children had also become Hamza’s home. “The house in Seguku was home for the two, they met there for a while before choosing to finally move out when they had decided to their relationship to another level” Kenzo said.

About meeting the President, he said that he was always wanted to meet the president and on the other side, the President had always been inviting him but he never went.

“I have always wanted to meet the President so we can talk and make peace about the song I did, I didn’t get time and whenever he invited me, he would invite me with a group of artistes but I wanted a private invitation” Kenzo said.

“I am glad the invite came my way and that was how I ended in statehouse”. If meeting the President changed the way he feels and supports fellow singer and Politician Bobi Wine, Kenzo said he is meeting Bobi Wine soon and they will have to talk but he has assured the general public that he will not support Bobi Wine in Politics because he will not involve himself in active Politics.

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