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I forgave Sheikh Muzaata-Eddy Kenzo

A couple of days ago, musician Eddy Kenzo promised that he will not stage any show in Uganda until Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata apologizes for the ‘malicious’ statements he made about his mother.

He further promised to camp at Kibuli Mosque until the controversial Sheikh takes back the words he said about him during Rema and Hamza’s introduction ceremony recently.

Kenzo’s statements sparked mixed reactions among many Ugandans especially those on social media as some sympathized and ‘stood by him’, while others ridiculed him for ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’.

However, this is now water under the bridge according to the celebrated BET award winner, who seems to have back-tracked on his earlier decision. Kenzo on Tuesday told his fans that he had forgiven the motor mouthed sheikh even when he has not apologised.

Kenzo said he forgave Muzaata basing on the Islamic teachings which preach about forgiveness as emphasized by Prophet Muhammed.

“If you have cleared your heart, God will always have your back. You have to do what Prophet Muhammad did and what Jesus taught. So as a true believer, I have decided to forgive the sheikh,” said Kenzo shortly after his return from the USA on Tuesday.

He stated that it is now up to Muzaata as ”an elderly person” to apologize or not. He also asked his fans to follow suit because it’s not worth it.

Kenzo returned home with an award for emerging the best entertaining artiste in Africa during the African Entertainment Awards held in the US over the weekend.

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