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Trouble in paradise! Sheila Gashumba and God’s plan’s relationship could be on the rocks

In august, famous TV presenter, Sheila Gashumba and loaded boyfriend Ali Marcus Lwanga, commonly known as God’s plan took the internet by storm after they were rumored to having called it quits.

Everyone had their share of opinions about the situation until Sheila herself came out and trashed the reports as mere rumours and before we knew it, the two were seen on the streets posing for photos together.

In less than two months, the couple has again been involved in yet another scandal and this time round, it involves a third party.

Monday evening left tongues wagging after a video of Sheila crying her lungs out on a phone call with a one Amanda went viral.

Amanda who’s reported to be Sheila’s close friend is a Rwandan and has been in Uganda for about two months.

The two had been spotted in another video having a good time in what was presumed to be Amanda’s apartment but eventually ended up in a sour argument.

In a video recorded by Amanda, Sheila is heard asking Amanda over a phone call why she wants to make her life miserable as Amanda kept defending herself saying she had nothing personal against her.

Amanda is also heard telling Sheila that she had told God’s Plan about Sheila only spending 45 minutes at her apartment and that was it. This made it seem like Sheila was suspecting Amanda of feeding God’s Plan with false information.

As Amanda kept asking Sheila to put God’s Plan on the phone, all that could be heard was Sheila’s hisses.

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