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Rema introduces Sebunya to family in Kukyala ceremony

Hamza and Rema at their Kukyala ceremony today. COURTESY PHOTOS

It is official, artistes Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo are not a couple anymore.

When News broke about sensational singer Rema Namakula moving on from Singer Eddy Kenzo to go on and legalise her relationship with Hamza Sebunya a doctor at Mulago, not so many people were convinced.

A number of their fans actually called it a prank to promote their music, far from it! As we celebrate Uganda’s independence today, Rema Namakula has introduced Sebunya to her parents in what is referred to as Okukyala in Buganda.

The Okukyala ceremony is underway at her parent’s home in Nabbingo Battaka.

News of Rema’s intended marriage to Sebunya broke the internet on August 31, 2019, when photos from their secret Nikkah were circulated on social media.

Her decision to marry Sebunya, leaving Kenzo who she had been with for close to five years and had a child with, did not go well with many of her fans. But with matters of the heart, all your opinions do not matter. So we wish Rema and Sebunya a happy marriage.

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