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Nyege Nyege performances were good, but Sheebah!

So far, all artistes who were programmed to perform at Nyege Nyege fronted amazing acts that even with the anticipation from the audience that singer Pallaso would offer less, he performed beyond expectations leaving the audience yearning for more.

In a festival of collective arts, many acts were hard to understand for starters but still, the audience was impressed. Even Dancer cum Dj Faisal Ddamba alias Mostrixx whose art was hard for mainstream art lovers paraded an intriguing performance.

But then! Here came the self- branded queen Sheebah. Just as anticipated, she was allowed to perform off live band, sticking to her default compact disc performance.

Much as Sheebah is a known performer, this time around it was a different story when the singer kept cheating with audience involvement and dance, ending up with an awful performance.

Was it the bad sound or that she wasn’t prepared? The performance did not seem Sheebah’s.

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