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My conversion to Islam was love-driven – OS Suna

Most times when someone falls in love, they can do even the impossible in the name of love. To musician OS Suna, it made him convert from Christianity to Islam despite the fact that he comes from a staunch Catholic family.

“I locked my music far away because of Islam. It was a love driven kind of issue. It was a point of loving someone too much that you would do anything to please that person. I never dreamt of becoming a Muslim because we are staunch Catholic believers in our family,” said OS in an interview earlier today at UBC with Calvin.

The ‘Byekola byoka’ singer further reveled that converting to Islam is his biggest regret because it drove him backwards musically. He further adds that whoever asks him whether he’s a Muslim, he has only one answer for them. “I just point at my cross-earrings because no Muslim can put on a cross,” he said.

The song writer however didn’t mention the name of the lady who made him convert to Islam even if they broke up but it’s believed that it was Pherrie Kimbugwe who was a Public Relations Officer at club Guvnor.

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