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Financially exhausted revelers scramble for free beer at Nyege Nyege

a reveller after receiving free beer at Nyege Nyege. PHOTO \ GABRIEL BUULE

The notion at Nyege Nyege is “Party after Party,” as revellers chant whenever the MCs on different stages shout out the word Nyege Nyege.

Yes! We all understand that party goes hand in hand with spending and so it was during the first half of the four-day Festival that revellers would buy beer and drink, pour and nearly shower some.

Mobile money points have been the busiest centres and so are the Boda Bodas that ferry revellers to auto Banking Machines in Jinja and Mbiko townships.

But things turned around on the second last night of the festival. Revellers thronged beer points, especially Uganda waragi’s UG love resort for free drinks.

Revellers at Bell Jamz game point. PHOTO | GABRIEL bUULE

Initially, Uganda waragi and Bell Jamz had games where one could play and win a beer but they had been ignored. However, last night many, people thronged the section to play and win beers. Many even had the patience to wait in a queue to participate.

Apparently beers go for shs5000 and a premium bottle of waragi (big size) goes for shs22000/.

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