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Woman shuts up twitter trolls who said she was too ugly to post photos

If you spend some of your free time on social media, you will notice just how hurtful some people can be when hiding behind their phones. The trolls think they wield a unique tool box of insults. They tend to make random, unsolicited comments to provoke an argument. In most cases, these trolls do it, just for likes, retweets and a new follower.

Some people have unknowingly fallen prey to these trolls. After Henry Suubi Kiyemba, a freshman at Makerere University who was trolled for reporting to the institution with a metallic suitcase, another little-known lady who goes by the name Beckie Dolla on twitter is facing it rough with keyboard warriors.

Unlike Suubi who was unaware of what was going on, Beckie Dolla is at the forefront and is clapping back anyone who dare calls her ‘ugly’. Beckie Dolla who joined twitter January 2018, runs an interesting short bio, “If you don’t like Me, Save Yourself the Stress coz I like me,” and has so far accumulated over 5,610 followers.

She regularly shares photos of herself on her timeline, but this has led her to a place where she has had to deal with trolls every other day, because of her appearance. Dolla is not one girl who would strike you as attractive at first or second sight.

But like the saying goes, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,” Dolla believes she is beautiful, despite that trolls have blatantly told her she is ugly. The trolling began on June 18, 2019, when she shared a photo of herself in an office, clad in a black blazer jacket, matched with a white shirt and a necktie.

“What if life is not about avoiding the bruises; What if it’s about collecting the scars to prove you showed up for it?”

The tweet went viral, but most of the comments she received weren’t criticizing or responding to what she’d written, but how she looked.

Notable among the comments were questions about her gender, for instance, “What sex are you?? Male or female??” “Are you a boy?” “What’s bro?”

This however did not stop her from posting. It is like the trolls had given her the energy to post even more.

A week later, Dolla posted yet another photo, captioned, “Master the art of loving yourself over and over again. It will fortify you from close range hurt!”

The trolls too did not stop. But the battle got tighter as she was armed to the teeth. She decided to spam their timelines with more of herself.

“A random guy just said I look like a monkey in a thread….forgetting he was in my DM 2 days ago asking for my number ???? Anyway let me go get a life, I’m kinda late” a new photo popped.

“I’m not an athlete but I can run thru your mind for a few seconds ??.” This particular tweet was met with a positive response in terms of engagement. To date, it has collected 16000 likes and close to 400 retweets.


To one tweep who tried to troll her by saying, “I am not a scientist but I can tell you are a man,” Dolla responded, “Hey @superiorkivan2, you’ve been wilding at me lately but kindly note that I’m this kinda girl who is growing thru life, I understand that nobody fundamentally owes me anything, I manage my expectations and handle the disappointments accordingly.”

In subsequent tweets, she says being judged for her appearance and being referred to as ugly is something she has got accustomed to.

For instance one troll said to her, “Dear @beckiedolla some of us here happy with our bombardier ears and poultry sunken eyes and we are not complaining,” Dolla simply responded, “Same with me… I’m ugly as they say and so proud.”

And to another who tried to ridicule her facial appearance, Dolla said, “However it looks, it has been mine since day one, it is still mine, and it will always be mine. I have never denied it, never will I even.”

Dolla is just but one of the many women who have faced it rough with trolls on twitter.

Unlike others who go in hibernation or block their trolls, Dolla is standing up against them and her confidence is enviable.

A user going by the handle, @kingdixcee commended Dolla for standing up against critics.

“When it comes to confidence, I have a lot to learn from you. Forget the critics coz one way or the other, you’re better than them in certain things. Beauty ain’t all about the looks… You’re beautiful and unique in your own way. Continue being proud of yourself sis.”

In 2015, Twitter announced that it would start tracking phone numbers of users as a measure to prevent abuses. Following the declaration, Twitter introduced new tools to allow users report any form of violent behavior or harassment.  Some trolls falling in this category have been banned from twitter. But even with that, the trolling continues.

We commend Dolla for standing up against trolls!



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