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Eddy Kenzo pens down ‘love lost post’ to Rema and Doc

Rema and Kenzo during their happy moments

On Saturday, social media was awash with photos of Rema Namakula and her new lover Hamza Sebunya, a medical doctor at Mulago Hospital. Rema who has been having problems with Eddy Kenzo had found solace in Sebunya and the two have been engaged in a long-time secret affair that no one knows whether it is a year, a day or two weeks old.

The two held a private visiting (kukyaala) whose photos only leaked on Saturday, followed by other photos of Rema and Sebunya on dfferent occasions. On Saturday, before the photos were leaked, many kept on saying it was a stunt to mislead Ugandan bloggers and media till D-day when the man in the picture will appear to be Eddy Kenzo. All this was not true because an invitation leaked on social media inviting specific people for the ceremony that will take place in Nabbingo, Wakiso district, on November 14.

Rema Namakula and her fiance. COURTESY PHOTO

As all this was going on, Eddy Kenzo only came out to post on social media saying Bibaawo is the new song he will record next and he surely went to studio and recorded it with Producer Nessim.

On Sunday evening, the ‘Sitya Loss’ singer despite losing Rema, a woman he has been with for five years, with whom they have one child Amaal Musuuza, penned a long post after turning down several media interviews.

The keywords in the 725 post written by Kenzo had some important words to take home. Some of these included him telling Sebunya how they are not enemies and when they meet, they have to say Hi to each other. Kenzo also told Sebunya to love Rema more than he did because all he remembers is he loved her so very much. In the letter, he also asked Rema to keep the land titles, car logbooks and every valuable he owns because he is a careless man but she will return to him when he gets another person who can help him keep them safe because for now, he is single and not searching.

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