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Uganda’s Oscar committee calls for entries

Godfrey Musinguzi, the Ugandan Academy selection committee chairperson

The Ugandan film industry scored a huge milestone in May when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences made the country eligible for participating in the Oscars Awards.

The Ugandan Academy selection committee (UASC) that is comprised of 10 members has officially begun to function as the committees has officially called for submission of Ugandan films which will be vetted for 92nd Edition of the Oscars International film award.

Mr Godfrey Musinguzi, the Ugandan Academy selection committee chairperson said that it will be a golden opportunity for Uganda to showcase its film-making potential on a world stage.

“Our participation at the OSCARS will generate a lot of international interest in the Ugandan film industry and in tourism while inspiring the next generation of local film makers” Mr Musinguzi explains

He noted that filmmakers have until August 24, 2019 to submit their films to the committee and he went on to reveal that the winning entry will be announced in September and later the film will be submitted in to the OSCARS to compete for nominations with other entries across the world.

Musinguzi cautioned that besides the mandatory non- English dialogue, all films to be submitted in are expected to have had a domestic theatrical run for at least seven consecutive days before any other Kind of release within 12 months preceding the submission date.


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