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Madrat and Chiko promise fresh and clean jokes

Madrat and Chiko during the press conference at EXO (Photo by Godfrey Lugaaju)

Comedy duo Madrat and Chiko have come out to say that ever since they joined the comedy industry, they have never been obscene or joked about sex while on stage. This was said during a Press Conference that was held at Exo Lounge located on old Port Bell this afternoon ahead of their ‘Nseko Buseko’ season three show slated for August 2.

The duo during the press conference stressed that their audience is made of adults and children and when they are on stage, they are mindful of the language.

“Many comedians think that when you crack jokes about sex and using dirty words, the show becomes more interesting,” Chiko said. He went on to say that for those who are going to attend their show, they should not expect anything of that kind as it will only be meant for fresh jokes.

Madrat on the other side said that some old jokes have never gotten out of some fans’ minds and they always want to hear them again. “We receive texts and comments on our social media platforms of fans asking us to repeat for them particular jokes” Madrat said.

After August 2, the duo confirmed that they will do follow up shows at Collin Hotel in Mukono, Big Zone Nansana and on August 10, they will be at Transafrica in Jinja and conclude at Adit Motel in Mbarara on August 17.

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