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Bad Black gifts lover with a brand new car

Bad Black with Sky West

A few days after celebrating her birthday in a very lavish ceremony at Kingdom Kampala, a new flashy building in town, Bad Black is celebrating another birthday. Well, it is not what you think, yes, women can celebrate three birthdays in one year but Bad Black is not celebrating her other birthday. She is celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday, the soon to be father of her unborn child.

The Mark X she gifted Sky with

Few days to the birthday, Sky West is who is currently dating Bad Black has been blessed with a brand new Mark X black in Colour. He (Sky West) broke the news on his social media page thanking Bad Black for the new gift, he wrote and thanked her for loving him. His message read,

“Thank you so much Chanitah Bradley Ptt for everything that you do and everything that you have given love, time and trust. You have been so lovely, kind and thoughtful. You are worth a thousand friends to me because of your kindness. Thank you so much for being such a blessing in my life. My fst birthday gift ??? thank you love”

On the other hand, Bad Black shared Sky West’s post and said the gift was for his birthday but also it was a thank you gift for the good sex she gets from him.

“Banange how many they hv arrested ???meanwhile wish zaddy happy birthday n advance Munebalizeko bambi okuzina obulungi Mbwa mwe nasimatuka ex???” she posted.

The couple that will be celebrating Sky’s 23rd birthday tomorrow are inseparable and so much in love going by their posts on social media.



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