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Why was Zuena in the Gents?

Zuena Kirema

Sunday was quite a bizarre day for us after we spotted Zuena Kirema making way to the Gents at Laparoni’s bar. The Gagamel first lady, who was seen enjoying a few drinks with her husband Bebe Cool that evening, was in quite a jolly mood when she headed to the washrooms.

Zuena, who was in the company of Bebe Cool’s bouncer known as Cobra, went straight into the men’s washrooms without first checking if the Ladies were indeed fully occupied.

As soon as she got in, Cobra blocked everyone from entering the washrooms and made sure there was no one inside so Zuena can use the washrooms alone as others waited outside. A few minutes later, Zuena came out and went back to the table to join Bebe Cool. Uhhhm, how did we get here again?

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