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John Blaq Brings Business To Stand still in Nakulabye

Business men and women rushed to get a photo with the singer

John Blaq is one of the most sought after musician lately and with this, he has managed to secure a few endorsements here and there among which is Pepsi. The musician signed a long deal with the soft drink company in which he is supposed to perform at some of the campaigns.

During the reward ceremony that happened at Nakulabye market earlier on today, John Blaq performed to expectation. He brought business to a standstill as he took the revelers through a memorable performance. They sung along with him, danced and cheered him on as he was performing tracks like ‘Do dat’, ‘Makanika’, ‘Tukwatagane’, Obubadi’ and ‘Replace me’ among others.

This was after a one Bright Mukiibi was rewarded with a car after pairing and winning with Mr Godfrey Ssebuma who was also handed a car yesterday in Masaka.


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