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Sheebah pulls huge crowd at ‘Onkutudde’ Video premiere

Sheebah Karungi with Carol Nantogo shortly before she stepped on stage (Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

Sheebah Karungi has spent about three months releasing song after song because of their musical battle with Cindy. The two have called each other names and in the fight to show who is best in the music game, Sheebah has decided to release many songs although most of them are not well received.

It also seems like the self-proclaimed Swag Mama didn’t believe in all the other songs but only one. ‘Onkutudde’ of all songs must have been and is still Sheebah’s favourite. Sheebah last Friday held the video premiere of Onkutudde video pulling huge crowds that included the media and members of Team No Sleep. The premiere that took place at Laparoni’s bar started at a few minutes to midnight with Team No Sleep singers taking on the stage. Performances started from singers like Topic Kasente, Grenade, Diamond Oscar and Roden Y.

Some of Sheeba’s fans having a good time at the premiere(Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

When Sheebah got on stage and was joined by Grenade with whom they performed ‘Replace me’ and she received with loud cheers from the fans that had waited for her from around 8pm. She then sung a few songs of hers before inviting Carol Nantongo on stage with whom they did the song ‘Silwana’. Before premiering the song, she did performances of songs that she recently released and some of these included ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Kimansulo Ku Mimwa’. She then told the DJ of the night Bobby to play the song as all the screens including one big one played the video. ‘Onkutudde’ had good visuals that those who attended the premiere liked and because of the warm reception it received, it was played again and again as some stayed to make merry and others left for their homes or probably other bars.

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