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Klint Da Drunk puts up a good performance at comedy store

Klint The Drunk 

Once in a while, comedy store decides to fly in foreign comedians for their weekly show at UMA show grounds. Having exhausted comedians from East Africa, they decided to go big with Klint Da Drunk, one of Africa’s biggest comedians from Nigeria.


With his drunk character, the Nigerian comedian took to the stage at 11.20 and straight away took the audience through his jokes, most of them not so funny going by the crowd’s reaction towards them.

He started by showing how he can control the sound with his fingers, signaling deejay Lola to reduce and increase volume before jumping on one skit to another. From Nigerian musicians to their police and so on.

Alex Muhangi comedian and C.E.O Comedy store with Senga Justine Nantume

The skit that worked for the crowd was how Nigerians came up with the ‘shoki’, ‘Galala’ and ‘Shaku’ dances. He went on to say that the ‘Shoki’ dance was created when a deaf, dumb and lame woman was seen asking for money on the streets. The Galala dance was created after a man who had phobia for cockroaches decided to kill them by stepping on them and then the Shaku dance originated from a criminal who was running away from the police and after reaching a junction, he didn’t know where to go yet he was handcuffed.

Mc Mariachi

The 46 year old saved the best for last when he concluded his one hour performance with his famous Reggea vibe skit. Ivuga band members were also in class as they did their best in supporting him.

However, before Klint on stage, Mc Mariachi, Senga Justin Nantume, Dr Tamale and Godi Godi had impressed the crowd among others and for the music performances, Bebe Cool and Cindy as usual proved they were the best choice for such kind of stage. Cindy doing live while Bebe performed on CD playback.

Here are a few pictures from the do.

The show was evidently a full house

Bebe Cool

Cindy Sanyu put up a good performance

(Photos by Isaac Ssejjombwe)


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