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DJ Apeman celebrates two years of Silverback Saturdays

DJ Apeman doing his thing (Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

The Music Industry unlike in the beginning where only artistes were recognized, now has many players. Players like DJs, emcees and dancers have become part of the music industry and they now boast of being recognized individually. In the beginning, DJs and dancers were curtaining raising for singers but today, you will find a DJ headlining a show and a big artiste is on stage early enough to raise hype for the DJ to wrap it up.


This was seen on Saturday evening at H20, a hangout in Bugoloobi when DJ Apeman was celebrating two years of ‘Silverback Saturdays’. For starters, the Silverback Saturdays is the theme night the DJ has been hosting. Two years down the road, his fans and patrons of the hangout have stood with him and marked Saturday nights on their calendar to follow Apeman wherever he is. The Silverback Saturdays moved from Monot Bar in Bugolobi and went a few metres away to H20 which he calls his new home.

These ushers kept some men on their toes(Photo by Lawrence Ogwal)

Kent and Flosso showed up in support of the DJ who is always there for them playing their music for the fans. They performed all their songs like ‘Muzanyo’, ‘Byafaayo’, ‘Pull Up’, ‘Sample’ and ‘Ability’ among others. The show that was sponsored by Club Beer which is one of the biggest supporters of Ugandan music kicked off at exactly 11:00pm when he took to the stage and played music throughout the night. He stopped his performance at around 3:00am. He is one of the DJs that will get you off your sit and you will abandon your drink to go dance next to him. He only achieves this because of the fact that he can hype an event and spin the disc at the same time. Not even the rain stopped the crowd from dancing to Mr Silverback’s sounds.



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