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Bebe Cool Bashed For Thanking Museveni In Messege To Wife Zuena

In an earlier Facebook post today, Moses Ssali popularly known as Bebe Cool, posted a picture of his wife Zuena Kirema at a certain ceremony with a love caption that drove Ugandans crazy especially at the end where he seemed to be thanking the president, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his Wife.

The caption stated “Many appreciate your beauty as seen by the eyes but I say your inner beauty, strength, resilience, attitude towards life, humanity, courage, confidence, loving and caring heart is what I have to thank Allah for. My wife and friend #Nkuliyo nyooo. Thank you president Museveni”

Ugandans thought the post was a nice one until the end where he thanked the president. This got some of his followers confused while others were angry not knowing if he was thanking President Museveni for a wife or something else that he did not state hence putting up all sorts of funny comments to his post and here are a few comments;

Tony Okwir commented saying “Madness will never stop in Uganda and now Bebe Cool is thanking Mr Museveni for the beauty of his wife.”

Ivan Favour carter also commented, “What do we learn from this post? To always thank Museveni for our wives this post has changed lives.”

Xris culture says “did M7 pay her bride price for you cheiiii… this guy is as dense as a density.”

Meron kay cheeks also says “webale nyo for always finding a way of upsetting me with your thank u m7.”

Ronnie Dk also commented saying “this post has changed me and my wives life. Thank you M7 and Gagamel forever.”

 This is not the first post where the artistes who has made his political affiliation clear is thanking Museveni, recently when Uganda Cranes won against Ivory coast in a football match he thanked the president leaving his followers wondering if it is the president that had scored the goal.

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