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A Pass and Ykee Benda Bury the Hatchet

A Pass and Ykee Benda

The long standing beef between Ykee Benda and A Pass has finally come to an end after both artistes decided to settle it once and for all. The two texted each other and decided that for the good of the music industry, they had to iron out their differences.

“As brothers we have talked it out and it’s best to make it public that Ykee Benda and myself have put every difference we have had in the past behind us. We are sorry for having divided any of our fans with petty issues but as you all know or should know when you grow up its better to put the childish things aside and be the grown-up person you should be. I reached out to my brother in respect and it didn’t take 30 minutes to end all this. Love and respect will always win ? One love ?? Bro,” posted A Pass a few hours ago.

And in return, Ykee Benda also came out and put up this post on his social media.

“I believe by now you have seen from my brother’s page the new vibes but just to add…..Growth begins with acceptance as an individual, colleagues, society or fraternity and that’s what we have done….Me and my brother have decided to build a beautiful environment for the so many young people that look up to us….Forgive us where we fell short as human beings but where there’s love as they always say…there’s always a way and here’s to new beginnings APASS -YKEE BENDA ONLY LOVE AND RESPECT. And to my brother Nessim the person who introduced us in the first place…I know this is what you have always wanted…The house is back together only in different bedrooms (Mpaka/GameOver).”

The two artiste who started out at Badi music, fell out last year and have been calling each other names on a number of occasions.


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