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‘I’m not Sheila Gashumba’s co-wife,’ says new socialite Flavia Kats

Flavia Kats

Flavia Katushabe also known as Flavia Kats, a new socialite on the showbiz scene has trashed claims that she is plotting to snatch Marcus, aka God’s plan from Sheila Gashumba.

News in the grapevine has been that God’s plan is cheating on Gashumba with Katushabe, but she dismisses the allegations.

One of her friends only identified as Tash revealed to Bigeye that Katushabe is too loyal to Sheilah to backstab her.

“I don’t think she would short change her. Maybe if they agreed out of curiosity. They are like childhood tights.”

Kats is one of the freshest slay queens in town and has been rolling in and around night clubs and events with her gang, known as ‘hawt babes. It is said that she is Gashumba’s cousin.

Sheila and God’s plan

Early this year, Sheila got out of her shell, moved out of her father’s house and fell in love.

The media personality that grew up right before our eyes proved that she was no longer a little girl and pulled all stunts to show that her relationship with boyfriend Marcus, alias God’s Plan was the real deal.

Social media was awash with stories about the couple with many saying that her boyfriend was a fraud. The fact that the mysterious man used to hide his face in all the photos Gashumba initially posted did not help matters.

Even when photos of God’s plan with a woman said to be his wife and a baby surfaced online leaving Gashumba under attack by social media critics, the Lil Stunner assured all those entitled ‘social media in-laws’ that she knew all about her boyfriend’s family and it was not about to stop her.

With that spirit, not even rumours of Flavia Kats will stop her! It’s God’s plan, remember!

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