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Another royal wedding: Tooro Princess Komuntale’s wedding set for December

Princess Komuntale and her fiance Philip Anthony

From the time she went public about her new relationship with Philip Anthony, based in Doha, Qatar, all signs have shown that the two are preparing for a long term union.

Well, this December, Tooro Kingdom will officially have a new Duke, replacing Duke Thomas whose marriage to the princess crumbled barely a year after their wedding.

According to Tooro Bulletin, Thomas has finally bowed to pressure and agreed to sign their divorce papers, paving way for Philip.

The Kingdom has already given Philip the pet name Amooti.

According to his Instagram profile, Phil is an IT engineer. However, posts on his account suggest that he is also a DJ, going by the stage name DJ Durty Phil.

This is what Komuntale was looking for in her ideal man.

1. A man that’s God-fearing.
2. A man that carries himself as though you are in his presence even if you’re not.

3. A man that’s honourable.
4. A man who you can grow with and learn from.
5. A man that treats people with respect.

6. A man that puts his family first.

7. A man that makes you laugh.
8. A man who understands the importance of financial responsibility.

9. A man that is compassionate.

10. A man who’s confident and wants to see you succeed.
11. A man who sees the beauty in your scars.

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