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DJ Fikie set to be introduced again months after first marriage ceremony

Fast rising DJ Ramadan Shafik known to many as DJ Fikie has come out to prove to us that he is not just a Muslim but a lady’s man. Before he even became a known DJ, Fikie was known for his love for Hasfwa Namuleme, a woman who saw him become what he is today. The two held an introduction ceremony in November 27 and it came out a success.

It is said that the two broke up after a few months and that was how their wedding plans were shattered. After their break up, we thought Fikie was still searching but it seemed like he had someone waiting to sit into the relationship to replace Namuleme.

As you read this, Fikie has visited the family of his new girlfriend in what Baganda term as Kukyaala. According to sources close to the DJ, it is said that Fikie’s new girlfriend is even pregnant and the two are staying together in Kibuli where Fikie initially stayed with Namuleme. We are yet to findout the names of this new woman that showed the self-proclaimed humble tallest DJ to her Parents.

For starters, DJ Fikie is a DJ who worked at Laftaz Lounge before going to Game Club in Wandegeya and Fame Lounge in Kololo. He also plays at UBC TV on Calvin Da Entertainers Saturday show.

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