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Four One One

Nkozi University students walk out on John Blaq after he fails to keep time

John Blaq performs at Nkozi University. PHOTOS BY LAWRENCE OGWAL

When you get a chance to enter Nkozi University in Mpigi District, you might mistake it for a prayer mountain and not a University with party people.

Like me, though who thought so, were disproved over the weekend when the Tusker Lite Hill Party was organized for the students on top of one of the hills situated outside their University.

The organisers of the party scouted for a venue which was one of the abandoned hills, set up the place and turned it into a party venue.

The event started on the low at around 7:20 with very few students leaving the University to climb up the dusty road.

Some of the students were seen walking up, others drove up and most of them were seen on Bodas coming for the party. At around 11:30 pm, the place was full and ceased looking like a bush but instead a rooftop of one of the buildings in Nkozi that gave a clear view of the lights in Kayabwe town.

There was no major activity going on as many resorted to drinking beer that was at a low price courtesy of Tusker Lite, a Uganda Breweries Limited beer brand.

Others played a table game known as Foosball, play cards, Basketball among other games.

Little known DJs from Nkozi took to the stage to buy some time until DJ Crim came on stage came on stage at around midnight. The venue was packed with students dancing to the music by DJ Crim although the organisers failed on sound.

The sound was not good enough as it was hardly heard, some people blamed it on the poor generator but the sound didn’t deter the party from going on. Fast rising singer John Blaq was the headlining artiste but he took long to arrive at the venue.

The host of the show DJ Crim kept on reminding the students that John Blaq was on his way but after some hours, some of them believed the Obubaddi singer might have duped them so they were seen leaving for their hostels. It was until around 3am when John Blaq finally showed up on stage. The venue was not that full like it was in the beginning as half of the crowd had left. The few that remained enjoyed performances from John Blaq as he did songs like Obubaddi, Makanika, Tukwatagane, and Program and Replace me and Sweet Love among others before leaving stage.

The show ended at around 4am when everyone left the venue for their hostels although some of them still wanted to party as they were overheard saying they are going to the Common Room, Nkozi’s busiest and funkiest bar.

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