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Four One One

‘Wait till Fresh Kid and Baby Gloria fight’- Fans sting Vinka over Cindy

A photo Montage of Vinka and Cindy

For the past two days, apart from FreshKid of course, females have dominated the Ugandan music industry. Not because of new music, but fresh beef.

Cindy and Sheeba have been at each other’s throats over a battle to perhaps determine who is bigger than the other and in the process, Cindy somehow involved other artistes.

During her interview recently, she said all artistes who are signed under labels are ‘dummies’.

“They don’t write their own music, they are all under labels, they are told what to do and funded absolutely so they are basically dummies,” Cindy said.

This upset Vinka who came out and said Cindy was disrespectful and what she said was really uncalled for.

“I do not like fights and cheap popularity, never have I raised my voice at even a single statement that comes at me!! Not picking sides or anything but this was so DISRESPECTFUL!!

Why do we as women have to undermine each other just for publicity!! How are we gonna represent Uganda on the Globe,  if we can’t respect each other!! Calling us dummies was UNCALLED FOR!! All artists need teams and that’s a FACT,” Vinka clapped back.

Lest we forget that Cindy broke into the Music industry under ‘Blu *3’, which was managed first by Steve Jean and then Aly Alibhai.

However, Vinka’s comments did not go well with her followers on social media, most of whom asked her to stay in her lane.

In a reply to her post, a one Hajarah Senkayivu said, “Dear Vinka, leave issues of Generals to Generals, mwe ba cadet sit your a** down and do some constructive work.”

Kasule Douglas Benda, an actress said, “When the elephants are looking for where to sit, the mouse should stay far! Our brother owulidde! Someone pass me my keekyaapu!!!!”

Unfortunately some took the battle further to attack her sexuality. Fahad Konshus said “Cindy was clear that all Female artists are dummies…Brother Vinka you should sit yo little a** and leave them battles to the Female. Wait till Apass says that about Male artists awo oveeyo ne Mukulu wo John Blaq.”

Omumbejja Gryce, “Vinka you are just gonna make  two years in this industry, what do you know about music?”

Blark Firebase Ug “Sebbo Vinka I think you should battle with Fresh kid, DJ Micheal Big eye because tehy are your fellow men stay away from the battles of the generals.”

Amaka Jo Lyne “So Vinka, at yo age you haven’t known that one can be a singer and a writer? Who has even asked for your opinion? I suggest you be quiet when elders are talking. Wait for battle with Fresh Kid.”

Nsamba Swaibu “Poor thing, you’re the last thing I would expect to stick your nose in this matter! You’re an artist too already? Dude, you haven’t upgraded to a level of opening your mouth when music icons are having a musical scuffle, what an insult to them!

Wait till Baby Gloria and fresh kid argue, there you will be allowed to have a say!”

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