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‘I will keep praying for myself’- Sautisol’s Chimano on why he is still single

Sautisol band member Wills Chimano is still single

Every member of Sauti Sol has either settled down or is seemingly headed in that direction, save for one – Willis Chimano.

Guitarist Polycarp Otieno is already married, after wedding her longtime partner Burundian Lady Mandy six months ago while vocalist Bien Aime Baraza is also set to quit the bachelors’ club.

About a fortnight ago, Bien proposed to his girlfriend of four years, Chiki Kuruka, and said he is ready to walk her down the aisle.


Producer and vocalist Savara Mudigi has similarly revealed that he is dating and that sooner rather than later he will introduce his love to the world.

However, for Chimano this isn’t the case. It appears he hasn’t even thought of settling down with anyone despite the pressure from the other group members.


Chimano’s love life – or the lack of it – has in the past been a subject of controversy and speculation among his fans.

Which perhaps explains why he has finally come out to set the records straight on the matter.

“I will keep praying for myself. We will see where this life takes us. I’m yet to find someone who got what I’m looking for. You know when it happens but for now, I got no pressure to get married. Bien has challenged me but I’m just happy for him,” Chimano has said.

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