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‘I can’t battle with someone who doesn’t respect me,’ Sheebah hits back at Cindy

Fans have for a long time been pushing for a music battle between singers Cindy and Sheebah but the latter has adamantly refused to take part.

Despite Cindy poking at her whenever she gets the chance, Sheebah has maintained that she is a feminist and can never participate in taking another woman down like social media users want her to.

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“I am a feminist and I won’t fight another woman. I would have if this battle was respectful but it’s not. Like you have seen in many of her interviews. I am a quiet person but it doesn’t mean am stupid. I can’t battle with someone who doesn’t respect me,” Sheebah said in an interview with Spark TV’s Livewire show on Monday.

Sheebah instead urged Cindy to instead teach her how to sing since the latter says that the Mummy Yo hitmaker can’t sing as well as her.

“Instead of asking for a battle, let her come and we practice together. She can teach me how to sing,” Sheebah said.


But the interview was not done until Sheebah threw a subtle diss at Cindy.  She invited Cindy to come see her house that she built for herself indirectly saying that Cindy has failed to build her own house although she has been singing for more years than Cindy.

“I can also take her to Munyonyo where I built my house. I can show her some plots of land so we can help each other. Because we have both failed in certain aspects of our lives,” Sheebah said.

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