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Four One One

I am a sucker for attention – Taata Sam

KNIGHT. Comedians in Uganda are a dime a dozen which makes the competition for fans very fierce. Robert Sunday aka Taata Sam, is one of the successful ones in Uganda who has managed to make it big with clean jokes, writes Godfrey Lugaaju.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a down to earth, God-fearing, talented comedian, radio presenter and a father. I am known for my clean and original comedy.

When and how did you start acting?
I belonged to the drama club throughout my school life. I later joined a company called New World of Entertainment, a drama group at Buganda Royal Institute, where I was pursuing my degree in Mass Communication. After my university, I joined community radio, and thereafter I got a job with Digida FM to do comedy on radio.

What fascinates you about your job?
I dreamt about making the world happy and thank God I am delivering happiness every day. So being able to be funny without being vulgar and offensive is a challenge I enjoy.

How do you keep yourself creative?
I read novels a lot, watch movies, and expose myself to content on the international market. I do not allow my mind to rest at any moment but I think my biggest source of creativity is God from whom I ask for wisdom.

What can you say enabled you progress in your career?
My manager Samuel Mayambala Collins has been very influential in my career. He saw the potential in me and encouraged, molded and directed me to the path we are taking. I also have a committed team of actors, actresses and the crew I work with. My wife is always supportive and advises me on every challenge.

What are some of the challenges in this field?
Lack of government support is a serious problem. We need a policy to protect us against copyright infringement which will help us make more money.

What is your favourite skit and why?
My favourite skit is called ‘Tozimba Mutima’ where I counted chicken pieces and ended up eating them it all. I loved it because I ate the whole chicken alone claiming that Maama Sam stole her share when in real sense I know she did not. Surprisingly most fans related to it saying they know many men like that.

What is your view on female comedians?
Comedy is not about gender, but creativity matters, so if there is a female comedian, I can just advise her to forget about her gender and go for it. First of all they need to identify their fan base, then the fans’ tastes and preferences. After realising all that, she will know how to handle them (comically) then learn how to keep them too.

What else do you do apart from acting?
I am a radio Presenter at 106.5 Digida FM, so I spend most time at the station doing my preparation first for comedy and then as a love doctor. I also meet with people who have difficulties in their relationships and I do my best to fix them. I am also the production manager at Digida FM, so I spend some time doing radio imaging and adverts. I also spend time in theatres directing and doing motivational speaking and career guidance in different institutions.

Why do men say they cannot understand women?
It depends on who say so, but have you ever found out whether that man also is understanding? Can he even understand himself?

What habits would you frown upon?
I hate lying, false accusations and pretense especially being good to me when in real sense you do not wish me well.

Are you married, do you have children?
Yes I am married and God has blessed us with two healthy boys Raymond and Roman.

What excites you in love?
I love being lavished with a lot of attention. I am at my best when I feel that some is doing their best to take care of me; blame it on my being a last born.

Who is a slay queen?
To me, a slay queen me is a superficial person whose satisfaction is on social media, the limelight and being in the middle of every trend. It is hard for me to date them because in most cases, they are so demanding, most cases with a little developmental knowledge. I thank God my Maama Sam is not one, how can she slay in a Gomesi?

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